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The founder of Dongguan Xingyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Since its establishment, Eseye Co., Ltd. (Eseve) has become one of the most colorful digital lock manufacturers in China after 20 years of lock design and integration. More than 100 digital lock designs have been launched in various regions, with independent intellectual property rights, and annual sales of 600,000 sets. Passed IS09001, CE, RoHS, FCC, IP66 and even fire protection certification. Cooperation with Eseye represents the highest level of professional OEM and ODM service support.



Eseye has full ranges of designs, each design is qualified with IP Patent. Exclusivity partnership can be granted freely under Eseye's control. There is no supportability to traders here in China, therefore there is no conflicts caused by same designs, competitive prices. By return, exclusivity designs will bring the partners much profits and huge developments.



After years of market reserch in each region, Eseye has been customized stardalized locks for each region with different standards; more than 50 unique designs has been launched in each region, like EU, Latin American, Oceanian and South Asian countries.

Highest QC Standards

IP66 Waterproof for Outdoor Use(some models only); Qualified with Fire test(1 model only); LifeCycle Reach min 200K Times(Peer Stardards Max 100k Cycles); 200 Hours for Salt-Spray Test(PeerStandards 96 hours; Support Seashore Projects); 72 Hours High-Low-Temperature Test.

AfterService Support

Products Trainning; Pre-sales and After-sales Answers; Marketing Data Support; Lift-time support for spare parts and after-sale services

Amazon Alexa

With Amazon Alexa Connect Eseye skill, you can easily connect Eseye Smart Lock with Alexa devices and all other Alexa-compatible devices

Google Assistant

With the Google Assistant, you can conveniently control your Eseye Smart Lock using voice  commands and for example lock your door.