What Is the Hotel Card Reader

October 17,2022

Hotel card reader is a device used to read the data (biometric information) in the card. Let's discuss it together! Keep reading!


Precautions for Using Fingerprint Padlock

October 17,2022

The fingerprint padlocks are scientific and technological products integrating modern hardware technology, biometrics and other technologies.


The Benefits of CCTV Camera for Businesses

September 23,2022

Nowadays, the CCTV Camera is widely used in many public places. What's advantages? Let's get started.


How to Choose a Surveillance Camera

September 08,2022

Among them, Surveillance camera is the most important equipment in the security system. So how should we choose?


Fingerprint Attendance Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

August 24,2022

Many companies will choose fingerprint attendance machines to check the work of employees, so what are the common problems and solutions of fingerprint attendance machines?


How to Choose a Home Camera?

August 10,2022

Many families with children or elderly people will choose to install a camera at home. How to choose a home camera?


How to Waterproof Smart Lock

July 26,2022

Summer is here, the constant drizzle will cause indoor humidity and other conditions, the humid environment will not only affect our health, but also have some effects on household appliances and other products.


Is it Better to Choose Wired or Wireless Home Surveillance Camera?

July 12,2022

Family security is a preventive measure based on family safety, which uses physical methods or electronic technology to automatically detect the intrusion behavior in the deployment monitoring area, generate alarm signals, prompting the personnel on duty to the area where the alarm occurs, and display the system that may take countermeasures. It mainly uses the host to connect various detectors wirelessly or wirelessly to realize the anti-theft alarm function. As people attach importance to family safety, family security is more and more widely used. How to choose between wired and wireless? The home surveillance camera needs help.


Which Aspects can We Buy Surveillance Cameras?

June 29,2022

Make a purchase of Surveillance Cameras from China, you can get them at a good price if you have a large quantity. We hope to be your long-term partner.


Common Problems and Their Solutions about Smart Locks

March 18,2022

Smart door locks are also electronic devices, and these products have more or less minor problems in use. This blog summarizes the problems and solutions that may be encountered when using smart locks, I hope it will help you.