How to Waterproof Smart Lock

July 26,2022

Summer is here, the constant drizzle will cause indoor humidity and other conditions, the humid environment will not only affect our health, but also have some effects on household appliances and other products.


Is it Better to Choose Wired or Wireless Home Surveillance Camera?

July 12,2022

Family security is a preventive measure based on family safety, which uses physical methods or electronic technology to automatically detect the intrusion behavior in the deployment monitoring area, generate alarm signals, prompting the personnel on duty to the area where the alarm occurs, and display the system that may take countermeasures. It mainly uses the host to connect various detectors wirelessly or wirelessly to realize the anti-theft alarm function. As people attach importance to family safety, family security is more and more widely used. How to choose between wired and wireless? The home surveillance camera needs help.


Which Aspects can We Buy Surveillance Cameras?

June 29,2022

Make a purchase of Surveillance Cameras from China, you can get them at a good price if you have a large quantity. We hope to be your long-term partner.


Common Problems and Their Solutions about Smart Locks

March 18,2022

Smart door locks are also electronic devices, and these products have more or less minor problems in use. This blog summarizes the problems and solutions that may be encountered when using smart locks, I hope it will help you.


Will High Temperature Affect Smart Lock Unlocking?

February 26,2022

Tons of people who buy smart locks have a question, that is, will the electronic part of the smart lock fail to unlock in a high-temperature environment?


Frequently asked questions for smart locks

December 11,2021

There are so many questions related to smart locks asked on network platforms such as Quora and Reddit. We have collected common questions as follows. If you want to find answers, please read on!


Benefits Of Using Smart Card Access Control System In Large Companies

December 09,2021

Many companies are now using smart access control card swiping systems, and they are not only installed at the door of the company but also within the company. So what are the benefits of the smart card access control system?


What Are the Different Types of Smart Locks?

December 07,2021

With the continuous development of smart locks, our lives are becoming more and more convenient. The emergence of smart locks tremendously saves our time and improves our efficiency. Nowadays, do you know how many ways of picking a lock? Keep reading!