What Is the Hotel Card Reader

What Is the Hotel Card Reader

2022-10-17 10:59:24

The hotel card reader is a device used to read the data (biometric information) in the card. Let's discuss it together! Keep reading!




What is a hotel card reader?


The card reader is an access control part that contacts users directly. Its function is to read and identify the identity information of the entrant. Generally, identity information can be identified by card number, personal password, fingerprint or other important information used to identify and prove personal identity.


Functions of card reader


If the access control system is compared to a person, the card reader is like a person's eye. It is related to the stability of the entire access control system. If the controller and electric lock of an access control system is good, and if the quality of the card reader is defective, the door will not open, which will affect the acceptance and use of the project.


What are the types of access card readers?


According to radio frequency and ISO standard, it mainly includes low frequency 125KHz and high frequency 13.56MHz.


  • The former uses standard proximity technology with radio wave length of 125KHz. As a relatively old standard, it has been gradually replaced by high-frequency technology.


  • The latter uses radio wave length of 13.56MHz, which allows reading, writing and encryption to improve security. Due to the higher communication speed, it is more suitable for biometric identification and special security authentication. High frequency technology has become the mainstream development trend in the current market.


According to the operation mode of the card reader, it mainly includes the following:


  • Most of wiegan's manufacturers are using this model. The Wiegand data format transmits the specific number of the ID card from the card reader to the controller through two data lines in a series of digits 0 and 1. This transmission process is one-way and can only be transmitted from the reader.


  • F / 2F (frequency / twice the frequency), also known as Manchester decoding mode. It is a unique model owned by GE. The F/2F format transmits data through a data line. Data is transmitted as a series of 0s and 1s, but the first ten digits remain 0. Every second, the card reader will send an "I'm alive" signal to the controller. The controller immediately sends back a receipt message to confirm the smooth communication. However, if the line is cut or shorted, the card reader will not be able to communicate with the controller. The reader still sends messages per second. If the reader cannot receive a receipt message, it will send 3 messages per second instead. If no receipt is received for more than 1 second, the card reader will send a monitored alarm, the red indicator will flash, and the card reader will give an alarm. Because the card reader and the controller communicate every second, the open circuit or short circuit will be quickly detected and an alarm will be triggered, which creates a very safe system.




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