Precautions for Using Fingerprint Padlock

Precautions for Using Fingerprint Padlock

2022-10-17 10:28:53

The smart fingerprint padlocks are different from traditional mechanical padlocks. The intelligent fingerprint padlock is a scientific and technological product integrating modern hardware technology, electronic technology, biometrics, and other technologies. So it can't be as simple and crude as the traditional mechanical padlock in daily use. The smart fingerprint padlock composed of a large number of components has many maintenance skills and precautions in daily use. Here are the precautions.




How to use a fingerprint padlock?


  1. When using, try to avoid falling from high places, which may scratch or deform the metal housing of the fingerprint padlock, and even damage the parts in the lock in serious cases.


  1. Do not touch the fingerprint collection window with hard and sharp objects. The fingerprint collection module is a component, so special protection should be paid for.


  1. Clean the fingerprint padlock regularly, especially the fingerprint collection window. After a period of use, the fingerprint collection window may have dirt, which will affect fingerprint identification.


  1. Do not use substances containing alcohol, gasoline, thinner, or other flammable substances to clean and maintain the fingerprint padlock.


  1. Avoid immersion in water or other liquids, which may cause damage to the fingerprint padlock.


  1. If the power of the fingerprint padlock is low, it should be charged in time to avoid affecting the normal use of the fingerprint padlock.


  1. When the fingerprint padlock fails, do not disassemble it by yourself. Contact the manufacturer's after-sales service for help.


  1. Before using the fingerprint padlock, carefully read the manual and operate it according to the instructions in the manual.


The above is what we should pay attention to when using fingerprint padlocks. Avoiding these situations in daily use can greatly extend the service life of fingerprint padlocks.

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