Waterproof Automatic Biometric Locks wholesale, supplier, OEM, factory, exporter

Waterproof Automatic Biometric Locks wholesale, supplier, OEM, factory, exporter

2021-11-02 14:11:56

With the continuous emergence of biometric technology in the commercial field, biometric technology has also been applied to door locks for life, such as waterproof automatic biometric locks. Additionly, in addition to common fingerprint locks, face recognition locks, pupil recognition smart locks, and vein recognition smart locks have also appeared.


Waterproof Automatic Biometric Locks wholesale


Why the lock use biometric technology

Biometrics is currently the most convenient and safe identification technology. The use of biometrics for identification is safe, reliable and accurate. In addition, biometric technology products are all realized with the help of modern computer technology, which is easy to integrate with computers, the Internet, and security, monitoring, and management systems to achieve automated and intelligent management. Therefore, biometric authentication technology has greater advantages than traditional authentication technology.


Some locks are installed outside the door and cannot avoid the influence of bad weather and morning dew, so you can find many a Waterproof Automatic Biometric Locks wholesale, supplier, OEM, factory, exporter in the market. They provide you with high quality The locks allow them to stay with your door longer until the arrival of the new door lock.


Characteristics of biometric technology

It has the characteristics of no loss, no forgetting, uniqueness, immutability, good anti-counterfeiting performance and convenient use. It is widely used in access control, attendance, finance, public security and terminal electronic equipment.


Five biometric technologies commonly used in smart door locks

Fingerprint recognition, the absolute main force

Each fingerprint has several unique and measurable feature points, and each feature point has about seven features. People’s ten fingers produce at least 4,900 independently measurable features.
This is the mainstay of the biometrics camp, and it is currently the most widely used biotechnology due to its low cost.


Face recognition, extensive and convenient

Face recognition is a kind of biometric identification technology based on the facial feature information of people. Its uniqueness and good characteristics that are not easy to be copied provide the necessary prerequisites for identity authentication.


Iris recognition, the highest safety factor

Every iris contains a unique structure based on features like crowns, crystals, filaments, spots, pits, wrinkles and stripes. Iris recognition technology uses the characteristics of lifelong invariance and difference of iris to identify identity. Moreover, after the iris is formed in the developmental stage of the fetus, it will remain same throughout the life course. Iris recognition is also a non-contact recognition, which is very convenient and efficient.


Voiceprint recognition, easy to obtain, strict application requirements

The vocal organs used in speech—the tongue, teeth, larynx, lungs, and nasal cavity—are very different in size and shape. The sonic spectrum that carries verbal information displayed by electro-acoustic equipment is used to identify identity. Voiceprint recognition is very suitable for remote identity confirmation. It only needs a phone, mobile phone or microphone to realize remote login through the network.


Vein recognition, the market is difficult to break through

One way of the vein recognition system is to obtain a personal vein distribution map through a vein recognition device, and extract feature values ​​from the vein distribution map according to a special comparison algorithm. The digital image is stored in the computer system to realize the feature value storage. During vein comparison, the vein map is taken in real time, the features are extracted from the digital image using advanced filtering, image binarization, and refinement methods, and the complex matching algorithm is used to compare and match the vein feature values ​​stored in the host, so as to perform the matching on the individual Identification, confirmation of identity.


No matter what kind of automatic biometric locks are used, they can protect your home and effectively prevent the entry of thieves. If the installation site is outdoors or in the bathroom, we recommend that you choose waterproof automatic biometric locks.



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