Automatic door lock wholesale, supplier, OEM, factory, exporter

Automatic door lock wholesale, supplier, OEM, factory, exporter

2021-11-02 14:02:49

You need more convenient automatic door lock to protect your home safety. They do not require a key, and can be unlocked through password verification or fingerprint recognition. In addition, when the door is closed, it can be automatically locked without turning the handle, so there is no need to worry about whether the door is locked or not when you go out.


Automatic door lock is a kind of smart lock that is more popular recently.


Automatic door lock wholesale


View the origin of automatic door locks

The traditional mechanical lock unlocking uses a mechanical key to rotate the lock core, retract the square tongue and diagonal tongue of the lock body, and use the handle to unlock;


Entering the smart lock stage, there are new unlocking methods, fingerprints, passwords, card swiping and other simple operations, you can unlock by pressing down the handle; when you go out to lock, you need to lift the handle;


With the development of science and technology, people become more and more lazy, and they want to open the door and press the handle, and it is troublesome to lock the door and raise the handle.


Automatic locks are gradually born, and there is a market when there is demand.


Types of automatic locks

(1) Application scenarios: entrance door locks, hotel locks, indoor door locks, apartment locks, cabinet locks, etc.;


(2) Unlocking methods: password lock, face recognition, fingerprint lock, finger vein, palm vein, etc.;


(3) Divided from communication methods and modes: offline smart locks, networked smart locks (wifi, Bluetooth, zigbee, NBIOT, etc.);


(4) Divided from the structure of the smart lock: panel handle type, push-pull type, etc.;


(5) Divided from unlocking experience or transmission mode: mechanical lock, semi-automatic lock, fully automatic lock, etc.;

How to make automatic door lock happen

There are roughly two ways to realize the fully automatic function: one is to use a self-elastic lock body, which automatically pops up the square tongue according to the state of the door lock; the other is to simulate the process of opening and locking the door with a manual key through a motor Rotate the lock core dial head to drive the lock tongue in and out to achieve the purpose of unlocking and anti-locking.


Regarding the automatic lock with self-elastic lock body, the key point is the quality of the self-elastic lock body, especially the mechanical parts that control the ejection and ejection of the square tongue. The material, process and design parameters must ensure that the service life meets the requirements. Because the weight of each security door is light or heavy, and the strength of each person closing the door is large or small, the impact force of the lock body is also strong or weak. Therefore, it must be designed to resist the impact of the lock body. The force parameter must have enough margin to ensure sufficient service life.


Benefits of automatic door locks

👍This door lock is a high-tech product, very smart, and it is very useful to remotely control the door lock after some settings have been made on a practical mobile phone.


👍The emergence of automatic door locks allows people to completely bid farewell to the key of the times, and then popularize them, no longer need to use keys, and unlock the quality of home life through intelligence.


👍Use 304 stainless steel impact lock body. The C-level lock cylinder can effectively prevent and prevent the door or other things from being opened violently. It can be seen that it is safer.


👍The design is very user-friendly, so it uses an automated design to make home travel more convenient and faster, without worrying about forgetting to close the door, because it will automatically close.


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