Fingerprint Attendance Machine wholesale,supplier,OEM,factory,exporter

Fingerprint Attendance Machine wholesale,supplier,OEM,factory,exporter

2021-11-02 16:28:04

Although attendance is only a detail of corporate management, it is sometimes a key factor affecting the corporate outlook. If the check-in rules are not strict enough, it will directly increase the difficulty of personnel work and even affect the company's image. The best way to solve this problem is to buy a fingerprint attendance machine.


Fingerprint Attendance Machine


Factors to consider when buying a fingerprint attendance machine 


✅The first is the consideration of efficiency. Attendance products, especially fingerprint attendance machines that use biometric technology, have problems with recognition speed and recognition rate. Fingerprint recognition technology is now quite mature, but the recognition principle determines the different characteristics of the recognition technology. The simplest is the optical fingerprint attendance machine, which can recognize general fingerprint types, with a general recognition rate, but can achieve basic attendance functions. 3D live fingerprint recognition technology is more advanced, which makes up for the shortcomings of optical recognition in recognition efficiency and achieves better results. Basically, the recognition accuracy of a 3D live fingerprint attendance machine can reach more than 95%, and the response time is within 0.7 seconds. Enterprises can decide which technical principle fingerprint attendance machine to choose according to their own needs.


✅Fingerprint fraud is also one of the situations that fingerprint attendance machines often encounter. Specifically, the silicone fingerprint cover film is used to imitate the user's fingerprints instead of punching cards. When an enterprise purchases a fingerprint attendance machine, it can first understand the false rejection function of the attendance machine. The general fingerprint film is aimed at the optical time attendance machine, because the optical time attendance machine can only recognize the flat image of the fingerprint and cannot distinguish the real fingerprint from the artificial fingerprint. If personnel are concerned that someone in the company will use the fingerprint film, 3D live fingerprint attendance machine is a better choice. The 3D live attendance machine uses live induction to prevent fingerprints from non-living bodies, thereby preventing the behavior of punching cards.


✅When companies invest in attendance machines, they usually compare different products in terms of cost performance. Compare the common optical time attendance machine with 3D live attendance machine. Optical time attendance machines are easy to be favored by small enterprises due to their simple principles and low cost; 3D live time attendance machines focus on the accuracy of fingerprint recognition, and the cost is slightly higher. Judging from the evaluations of buyers on major e-commerce platforms, the optical time attendance machine encounters many more bad conditions than the 3D live time attendance machine. The first problem is the decline in recognition rate. Some users said that the fingers sometimes encounter difficulties in recognition when they are dry and damaged. The recognition rate of the attendance machine is not as good as the original; the decrease in response speed will also cause time delays; in contrast, 3D live fingerprint attendance machine can maintain a high recognition rate for a long time, the stability is higher than that of the optical time attendance machine, and the service time for the enterprise can be maintained for a long time.


✅The function of the fingerprint attendance machine does not only mean that the fingerprint attendance machine can punch in the card. The function of the fingerprint time attendance machine also includes: the communication method of the fingerprint time attendance machine or fingerprint time attendance machine and the computer, the recognition rate of the fingerprint time attendance machine, and the performance of the fingerprint time attendance machine.


✅The communication methods of the fingerprint attendance machine are generally as follows: USB cable connection, RS232 cable connection, RS485 connection, TCP/IP network connection, U disk download. So at this time you have to consider the actual situation of your company (such as the distance between the check-in place and the office computer, whether the company has a network, whether the connection is convenient, etc.), which communication method is more convenient for you.


In order to manage your company effectively and efficiently, it’s time for for you to buy a fingerprint attendance machine. We are Fingerprint Attendance Machine wholesale, supplier, OEM, factory, exporter, welcome to your inquiry.

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