WiFi fingerprint lock/Remote WiFi Smart Locks wholesale,supplier,OEM,factory,exporter

WiFi fingerprint lock/Remote WiFi Smart Locks wholesale,supplier,OEM,factory,exporter

2021-11-01 20:11:22

The Internet has no boundary, just like electricity has no boundary. "When the Internet and many household hardware combination formed a wonderful response, intelligent lock is the flower of the Internet in the ancient industry of door lock; In recent years, the smart home benefits, coruscate gives vigorous vitality.


WiFi fingerprint lock/Remote WiFi Smart Locks


The birth of WiFi fingerprint lock or remote WiFi Smart Locks


From the earliest latch to the iron general door, now it is the hub of anti-theft door. With the development of society, "lock" is in the process of iterative evolution. In the minds of ordinary people, it is not only the most basic need, but also a symbol of family private space.


Experience a lot of people have lost the key trouble, also learned more or less some unconventional unlock method such as card, paper clips, remove the handle (door), cat's eye open, violence, and so on, so there have been "lock can prevent gentleman guard dog", this also caused numerous home theft and the tragedy of the family property losses.


The rise of smart lock is the result of the lock industry innovation, smart lock businesses take consumers' original demand for safety, grasping the pain point of mechanical lock in security, the main selling point is "more secure" than mechanical lock. First, the lock must be "secure enough"; The second is convenience. The last is "connect to the Internet or people"!


The competition of security


On the "safer" contest, intelligent lock with buzzer alarm, video intercom, etc, and do a lot of Internet + on open means innovation, such as digital password (including dynamic password), mobile phone App (including WeChat opens the door), bluetooth or WiFi, to pay by credit card, fingerprint, iris, etc., some of the most intelligent lock factory is still the key lock as alternatives, Gradually develop the habit of opening the door without a key.


The increase in the number of door locks means that multiple options are turned into multiple choices, and technical security holes are created that are harder to overcome. Among the dazzling lock opening methods, fingerprint opening wins with the advantage of mature security technology and convenient use, and gradually becomes the mainstream product form of intelligent lock.


At present, well-known smart lock brands at home and abroad all feature fingerprint smart lock, which is assisted by digital password. Imported locks such as "Samsung" feature flip fingerprint head, and "Yale" feature anti-peep fingerprint opening. "First Gil" focus on fingerprint biometric technology; Domestic high-end fingerprint identification lock "Haier", "Manshen" and so on.


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