Which Aspects can We Buy Surveillance Cameras?

Which Aspects can We Buy Surveillance Cameras?

2022-06-29 17:52:18
  1. Clarity


It must be noted that clarity is important. The definition of a camera determines whether you can see the scene. Here, I suggest that you should choose the one above 1080p, and the worst one is 720p. You can't see it clearly at any lower level.


surveillance camera


  1. Pan tilt


PTZ can adjust the angle of the camera and shoot things within a certain range. Some cameras can rotate 360 degrees, but the larger the shooting range is, the better. They should be based on their own needs.


  1. Night vision function


This function is also very important. It determines whether you can shoot clearly at night, which should also be selected according to your own needs.


  1. Storage mode


Many cameras on the market support SD card storage and cloud storage. SD card, 32g is enough Some cloud storage is charged, and some is free, depending on the product you choose.


  1. Installation method


It is mainly divided into wired and wireless. Wired ones need to consider the issue of wiring, and wireless ones can be installed directly.


  1. Voice call


Most cameras in the market support two-way voice calls, making it easier to take care of the elderly and children.


  1. Privacy


This is the most important point. Because many home cameras now need to be connected to the Internet, we must pay attention to privacy issues. The simplest thing is not to buy miscellaneous brands, but try to buy products with big brands and a good reputation.


Make a purchase of Surveillance Cameras from China, you can get them at a good price if you have a large quantity. We hope to be your long-term partner.

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