Is it Better to Choose Wired or Wireless Home Surveillance Camera?

Is it Better to Choose Wired or Wireless Home Surveillance Camera?

2022-07-12 16:50:04

Family security is a preventive measure based on family safety, which uses physical methods or electronic technology to automatically detect the intrusion behavior in the deployment monitoring area, generate alarm signals, prompting the personnel on duty to the area where the alarm occurs, and display the system that may take countermeasures. It mainly uses the host to connect various detectors wirelessly or wirelessly to realize the anti-theft alarm function. As people attach importance to family safety, family security is more and more widely used. How to choose between wired and wireless? The home surveillance camera needs help.


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How to choose between wired and wireless?


The wireless network camera needs to work with the wireless router, which is required to be able to access the Internet. Advantages of WiFi or 3G wireless network camera: no wiring is required, it is convenient to install and increase the number of cameras, and the cost of Internet access is relatively low. This kind of home network camera is the market development trend and mainstream.


The wired network camera can work normally when it is directly plugged into the Internet port or router. Advantages of using a wired network camera: the technology is mature, and the industrial network camera technology is transplanted directly. It is not afraid of signal interference, is stable and reliable, and the Internet cost is relatively low. The disadvantage is that the installation is complex, wiring is required, and it can only be accessed through the computer. The scope of use is limited, which is not suitable for modern families.


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