School Fingerprint Card Machine wholesale, supplier, OEM, factory, exporter

School Fingerprint Card Machine wholesale, supplier, OEM, factory, exporter

2021-11-03 10:59:51

School Fingerprint Card Machine


In order to effectively prevent others from taking the place of clocking in, many schools have introduced the school fingerprint card machine. It can not only reduce this bad atmosphere but also ensure the safety of students. Plus, a new type of payment method, students do not need to bring a card to eat in the cafeteria, only need to put the fingerprint on the fingerprint card machine.


Among its own main attractions is the uncomplicated method which they function. The fingerprint scanner captures the data of the specific finger. The software figures out whether the design in the image matches that of a pre-scanned layout.


With the increase of biometric identity in smart devices and also its use in internet purchases including banking, individuals are now really knowledgeable about making use of these forms of systems.


Benefits of biometric technology on fingerprint card machine

For students

  • Students do not need to bring cash and cards, reducing the risk of loss
  • Pupils who receive school meals stay anonymous
  • Students/ teachers can enjoy the same benefits you get with using biometrics for school catering, with a system that uses QR codes, and offers excellent payment flexibility via card and contactless payments.


For school

  • The operating costs in schools may lower
  • School accommodating becomes even more efficient


School Fingerprint Card Machine


In workplace

In addition to the application in schools, they are also widely used in the workplace. They use the following methods to enable you to clock in to and from get off work.


Way 1

Before entering the job, enter the fingerprints correctly in the personnel department. Generally, two fingers will be recorded, in case one of the fingers can not be touched due to peeling and other reasons, you can change to the other finger.


Way 2

You must punch in the fingerprint card machine that has entered your fingerprint information. If the fingerprint card machine does not enter your information, it will not be able to record successfully when the card machine punches in.


Way 3

Before punching in the fingerprint card, observe whether there is any abnormality in the fingerprint card machine, such as the electronic clock on the card machine display screen does not move or the display screen is garbled, if there is, the punch card machine is invalid.


Way 4

If the display of the fingerprint card machine is in normal operation, you can use your fingerprint-enrolled finger to lay flat on the contact surface of the fingerprint card machine, try to touch the mirror surface of the fingerprint head, and press firmly for 1-2 seconds and then release to check the fingerprint card The machine shows the situation.


Way 5

If the fingerprint card machine displays the words "√", "successful clocking", "thank you", etc., it proves that your clocking record is valid and the clocking is successful; if it shows the words "X", "passing card failed", "error", etc., then It proves that you failed to check in and you need to check in again.


Whether it is a school or a workplace, we need a way to ensure their attendance. A quick and efficient way is to obtain fingerprint punching machines from a professional School Fingerprint Card Machine wholesale, supplier, OEM, factory, exporter.



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