access control system wholesale, supplier, OEM, factory, exporter

access control system wholesale, supplier, OEM, factory, exporter

2021-11-03 16:55:09

Now many units and communities have installed access control systems, which can greatly improve security and effectively reduce the occurrence of theft and other criminal acts. The following Xiaobian will come with you to understand what is the access control system and what are the access control equipment?


access control system


What is access control system?


Access control system is in the field of intelligent building, abbreviated as ACS. It refers to the forbidden authority of the "door", which is the guard against the "door" In a broad sense, it includes all kinds of passages that can be accessed, including people's access doors, vehicle access doors, etc. Therefore, access control includes vehicle access control. In the application of parking lot management, vehicle access control is an important means of vehicle management, not for the purpose of charging parking fees, but mainly for the management of vehicle access rights.


Classification of access control system


Access control systems mainly include traditional access control systems and biometric access control systems. Among them, traditional access control systems include password access control, proximity card access control, etc.; biometric access control includes fingerprint recognition access control and face recognition access control.


What are the access control equipment?


  1. Access controller


The core part of the access control system is equivalent to the CPU of the computer. It is responsible for the processing, storage and control of the input and output information of the whole system.


  1. Card reader


A device that reads data (biometric information) from a card.


  1. Electric lock


The executive part of door lock in the access control system. Users should select different locks according to door materials, exit requirements, etc. there are mainly the following types:


  • Electromagnetic lock: the electromagnetic lock opens the door after power failure, which meets the fire protection requirements. It is equipped with a variety of mounting racks for customers. This lock is suitable for one-way wooden doors, glass doors, fire doors and opposite electric doors.


  • Anode lock: the anode lock is a power-off door opening type, which meets the fire protection requirements. It is installed on the upper part of the door frame. Different from the electromagnetic lock, the anode lock is suitable for two-way wooden doors, glass doors and fire doors. Moreover, it has a door magnetic detector, which can detect the safety state of the door at any time.


  • Cathode lock: the general cathode lock is powered on and open. It is suitable for one-way wooden doors. UPS power supply must be equipped for the installation of cathode lock. Because the cathode lock locks the door in case of power failure.


  1. Card


There are two types of cards: IC and ID. IC has relatively high security, including standard 54x86mm cards and various special-shaped key chain cards. You can print the cardholder's personal photos on the card, and combine the door opening card and chest card into one.


Advantages of biometric access control system


⭕The biometricaccess control management system can prevent outsiders from entering and leaving at will, effectively ensure the safety of community users, and standardize the internal management system of the property company.


⭕The biometricaccess control management system has the function of database management, which can store all access control system management database data, comprehensively improve the security and reliability of system data, and support data backup and download.


⭕The biometricaccess control management system also has the function of high-speed data transmission: 100000 door opening records can be collected in only three minutes, which greatly shortens the time of system data collection.


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