Common Problems and Their Solutions about Smart Locks

Common Problems and Their Solutions about Smart Locks

2022-03-18 11:28:47

Smart door locks are also electronic devices, and these products have more or less minor problems in use. This blog summarizes the problems and solutions that may be encountered when using smart locks, I hope it will help you.


Smart door locks


Case 1: Nothing happens after installation


Confirm that a battery with sufficient power is installed and that the positive and negative poles of the battery are correct. Remove the rear panel to check that the wires are connected or securely connected. Remove the lock body to check if the lock body wires are pinched and reroute the wires.


Case 2: The surface of the smart lock is dim


Remember not to let the lock surface come into contact with corrosive substances, which will damage the protective layer of the lock surface, affect the gloss of the lock surface or cause the surface coating to oxidize.


Case 3: Fingerprint reading is slow


After installing the smart lock, you must try it frantically and many times to confirm that there is no problem before letting the installer go. If the response is slow after installation for a period of time, it may be that the fingerprint collection window has been used for a long time, and the surface is stained with dirt. Use a dry soft cloth to gently wipe it.


Case 4: Touch-sensitive keyboard, the screen does not respond


Check the battery box to make sure that the battery has sufficient power, and the positive and negative poles are installed correctly; whether the working mode is fingerprint mode (no response to touch buttons in fingerprint mode).


Case 5: The battery is exhausted


If the battery of the smart lock is low, there will be a voice prompt. So replace the battery in time. After using it for about half a year to one year, it is best to open the battery cover of the smart lock to check the battery to prevent the battery from corroding the fingerprint lock circuit board. If the battery is found to be oxidized, please replace it with a new good quality battery!


Case 6: The fingerprint verification is successful but the lock cannot be unlocked


There are two important components in the fingerprint lock: one is the fingerprint module, and the other is the electronic clutch.


When the verification is successful, carefully listen to the sound of the motor rotating in the lock. If there is no sound of the motor rotating, it may be that the circuit from the circuit board to the motor is broken. There is a sound of the motor turning, it may be that the square rod in the handle has fallen off. At this time, it is best to contact the after-sales service! If the door is skewed, resulting in excessive friction between the latch and the gusset, the door cannot be opened normally.


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