Fingerprint Attendance Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

Fingerprint Attendance Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

2022-08-24 16:53:00
Many companies will choose fingerprint attendance machines to check the work of employees, so what are the common problems and solutions of fingerprint attendance machines?
fingerprint attendance
  1. When the attendance machine is connected to the power supply, it cannot be started up?


Answer: The possible reason for the failure is that ① the power cable is broken. At this time please replace a good power cord. ② The power connector is loose. Please plug the power cable tightly before starting the machine.


  1. In the sun or outdoor place use a fingerprint attendance machine, what will happen, and how to prevent it?


Answer: The working temperature of the attendance machine is 0℃~60℃, but if it is used in the sunlight or outdoor place for a long time, the fingerprint meter will be affected, the reaction may be slow, and the passing rate will be reduced. If the user's attendance machine is installed to work in such an environment, the machine can be covered with a sunshade for prevention, or the machine can be moved indoors for use.


  1. If the user's finger appears with someone else's work number, how to deal with it?


Answer: The identification rate of fingerprint identification is less than 0.0001%, so the probability of this phenomenon is very small, if this situation may be due to the occurrence of the wrong number of employees registered fingerprint features too few, or the fingerprint registration quality is poor, should delete the often wrong number of fingerprints, re-register another finger.


  1. Fingerprints often fail to identify users. How to solve this problem?


Answer: Some of the following situations may make it difficult or impossible for some employees to use fingerprints for attendance:


① No finger fingerprints;


② Too many folds on the fingers, often changing;


③ serious peeling on the fingers


Users whose fingerprints cannot be identified can delete the fingerprint and register it again, or register another finger.


This user in the registration of fingerprints needs to choose the use of better quality fingerprint (fewer wrinkles, no peeling, clear fingerprint), as far as possible to make the finger contact fingerprint collection head area larger, after the completion of registration to do a comparative test; And it is recommended to register a few more backup fingers.


In addition, our attendance machine provides fingerprint and password functions for this purpose, and these employees can be set to use the password for attendance.


  1. If the user's finger in the attendance machine press up there is no response or insensitive, what is the reason, and how to solve it?


A: The following reasons may cause this situation:


① The user's finger lines are not clear. In this case, users can register a few extra fingers for backup; attendance


When verifying the fingerprint, press the fingerprint as flat as possible and apply a little force.


② The fingerprint collection head is not clean (with stains) or incomplete (with scratches). At this time, the collection head needs to be cleaned.


Or replace the fingerprint collection head prism.


③ The finger is too dry to be detected by the instrument. Add moisture to the finger and moisten it. You can wipe your forehead with your finger first.


  1. When the attendance machine cannot communicate, what are the reasons?


A: The possible causes are as follows:


① The communication port is incorrectly set. The selected communication port is not the actual COM port.


② The baud rate of the communication port of the computer is different from that of the attendance machine.


③ The attendance machine is not connected to the power supply or the computer is not connected;


④ The attendance machine is connected but not turned on.


⑤ The connected terminal number is incorrect.


⑥ Data line or converter can not communicate.


⑦ The COM port of the computer is broken.


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