Benefits Of Using Smart Card Access Control System In Large Companies

Benefits Of Using Smart Card Access Control System In Large Companies

2021-12-09 14:38:13

Many companies are now using smart access control card swiping systems, and they are not only installed at the door of the company but also within the company. So what are the benefits of the smart card access control system?


smart card access control system




✅It can establish the standardized management image of the company or organ, improve the management level of the company in the hearts of customers, and standardize the internal management system of the company or organ.


✅A sensor card can replace all the company's door keys and has different access rights. Authorized cardholder employees can enter the doors within their scope of responsibility. All incoming and outgoing conditions are recorded in the computer, which is convenient for querying the occurrence time of specific events and implementing responsibilities.


✅The system can be equipped with powerful and fair intelligent attendance software, which can eliminate the phenomenon of the clock out to the greatest extent and eliminate the phenomenon of changing attendance records without permission. The software can process the attendance data of multi-shift management. The computer is fully intelligent, fast, and accurate, and will not cause disputes due to human negligence in attendance statistics.


To a great extent, personnel managers can be freed from the tedious attendance statistics, so that they have more energy to engage in other efficient management work. It can count the attendance of employees such as being late, leaving early, absenteeism, not clocking in, overtime, and asking for leave, and can generate and print corresponding attendance statistics reports at a glance. And can generate corresponding database files for personnel salary or other financial software references.


✅It can shut out unpopular personnel. For example, it can prevent salesmen in MLM, insurance, and other industries from breaking into the company without permission to interfere with the normal office order. Competitors in the same industry will not easily enter the office or development sites and easily take away business materials or core technical materials.


✅If an employee's induction card is lost, he can report the loss in the system immediately, so that even if others pick up the induction card, they can't enter the company. Compared with ordinary mechanical locks, it's much more convenient. It's not necessary to change the lock for the sake of safety and replace the key for everyone in the company.


For resigned or dismissed employees, the induction card is disabled, and the employee will not be able to enter the company for revenge activities such as theft or destruction in the future.


smart card access control system


✅With the advanced international internal encryption protocol, outsiders cannot open your electric lock and enter your office through mechanical or other high-tech methods. Others, such as password access control and mechanical lock, have no corresponding security mechanism. You can easily enter your office through a circuit short circuit or universal keystone.


✅You can perform mandatory software operations. For example, you are conducting secret and important negotiations or phone calls in the office and do not want to be disturbed. You can force the door to be closed through the function of the software so that even authorized cardholders cannot enter. After the operation is completed, you can restore the system to normal through the software.


✅The all-Chinese operating system based on WIN98 / NT has a friendly interface, convenient and simple operation. Ordinary clerks can be competent for the operation of corresponding management software.


✅The system has good scalability and networking function. You can upgrade and add new control doors at a low cost at any time.


✅The original all-weather sensor is adopted, which is waterproof and anti-static to ensure the stable operation of the system. The system performs self-inspection, tracking, and monitoring of equipment faults, and has a light prompt for maintenance personnel to repair in time.


The system does not need to be connected to a special computer during operation. In case of power failure, the system information will not be lost, and the UPS backup power supply can be equipped to maintain the normal operation of the system. High-quality products and a perfect after-sales service system exempt you from worries.


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