Automatic Camera Smart lock wholesale,supplier,OEM,factory,exporter

Automatic Camera Smart lock wholesale,supplier,OEM,factory,exporter

2021-11-01 20:01:46

As all sorts of smart household components become more and more common and acceptable, manufacturers are thinking of ways to make more black technology appear, producing 1 kind of science and technology fusion another kind of technology plays a greater than 2 effect, these good ideas also call a person with relish.


Here are the smart locks you see. The key technology is to embed the camera into the smart lock, which is called smart because it supports three ways to unlock the lock: the key, which is a physical method; the input of a random four-digit PIN code generated by the phone software; and the smartphone app.


Automatic Camera Smart lock


The benefits of automatic camera smart lock 


Intelligent lock at the front of the small camera can be used as a basic monitoring and control system, when someone close to your door, it through the signal connect the phone to remind you that you take photos and video will be generated with the speech and sent via the software to your smartphone, while you were receiving information can be observed on the surface of the outside conditions. Even better, you can communicate directly with the person outside the door by phone, telling your friends or criminals that you already know what you want to do. Since we got the first video, we can deal with related problems in a more timely and effective manner. If it's your friend, you can remotely open the door and call your friend in. If it is a theft, you can call the police immediately.


Smart locks can be installed according to the thickness of your door, which can be achieved by adjusting the thickness of the door lock adjustment key. At the same time, the video captured by the camera can be stored in the memory, and can be reviewed remotely through the phone at any time. The smart lock only needs to be connected to the power supply via USB to maintain power. When the power goes out, the smart lock's battery will last up to eight hours.


The camera can also zoom and take pictures up to 3 meters away. Clarity can be selected from 720p or 1080p. Consider how clever it is to combine a camera with a lock. It currently doesn't unlock doors based on facial recognition, nor does it integrate with any other smart home gadgets. I believe that in consideration of price and sales, there will be an application that can scan the face to unlock the door, and then the door can be connected to the light in the room and automatically turn on. Smart phones download APP software through the platform, and manufacturers will also update the software, so there is room for development of subsequent functions in advance.


All in all, this is a good first attempt, though, with a clever combination of camera and door lock. As a case of smart home, I believe that many doors will be adopted in the future, and will become the first choice of users. Homeowners feel more safe and assured.


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