Frequently asked questions for smart locks

December 11,2021

There are so many questions related to smart locks asked on network platforms such as Quora and Reddit. We have collected common questions as follows. If you want to find answers, please read on!




Q: What is a smart lock?


A: it refers to a new lock combined with both electronic information technology and mechanical technology, which is upgraded and improved on the basis of traditional mechanical lock and is more intelligent and convenient in user identification and management safety.


Q: What are the functions of smart door locks?


A: In order to give a better experience for users, smart door locks have upgrade with several functions including biometric unlocking function (e.g. fingerprint, face, finger vein, etc.), password unlocking function, card unlocking function, smart home, internet, emergency and other functions suitable for different consumers bringing great convenience to users.


Q: Is the smart lock really easy to use?


A: The smart door lock industry has entered a mature stage since it has experienced nearly two decades of development. It has the genes of brand, high quality, convenience and intelligent development, and has developed towards satisfying people's yearning for a better life from the beginning of development, especially solving people's troubles about using keys and providing rich use functions, which brings great safety and convenience to home life.


Q: What are the advantages of smart locks?


A: To sum up, it has the following advantages.

  • The first is to solve the active security problem. The traditional intelligent door lock only relies on the passive protection of the key. With its unique characteristics of electronic information, the intelligent door lock has greatly optimized the active protection, such as active alarm and audio-visual transmission, which meets people's security needs.
  • The second is convenience. The intelligent door lock allows users to get away from the key in use, and the biological characteristics and passwords of the human body become unlocking tools, so that users no longer worry about the risks of key loss and key matching, and do not have to go out to take the key again, thus liberating the trouble of keys.
  • The third is intelligence. Smart door locks have intelligent genes at the beginning of their development. With the rapid development of smart home and IOT industry in recent years, smart door locks have more and more intelligent functions, such as APP control, unlocking time, duration, linkage with other smart home products and so on. It is connected with smart home, other security products or intelligent hardware to form an intelligent ecology, which greatly meets the needs of users.


Q: Shall I buy a smart door lock?


A: Smart lock is an upgraded product of mechanical door lock, and it is a new thing under the tide of intelligent development. The use of intelligent door lock improves the quality of life of users, facilitates their use, and improves the intelligent degree of use. It is a good product that can improve people's living standards. It is recommended that users with use conditions purchase smart door locks according to their own needs.


Q: Can the quality of smart locks be trusted?


A: There are national standards for smart door locks. It is also bound by industry standards and group standards formulated by China National Hardware Association. As long as the product quality strictly implements the standards, it is trustworthy. At the same time, most of the domestic brand smart door lock manufacturers attach great importance to product quality with strict and perfect production control system and quality management mechanism.


In conclusion


What we can offer are just suggestions, whether buy a smart lock or not depends on your needs. If you are interested and want to have a try please feel free to contact us.