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November 03,2021

With the development of biometric technology, color screen access, also well know as fingerprint lock screen has entered in our daily life. This lock boasts a leading status in safety since nobody could open your door unless they have your fingerprint. And we are going to talk about the definition and the benefits of color screen access.


Color Screen Access


The principle of color screen access or fingerprint lock


Finger print describes positive skin covering the tip of the finger on the bumpy structure, regardless of the fingerprint is only a little part of the body skin, nonetheless, it has great deals of information, these markings on the pattern, breakpoint as well as crossway are various, they are called "qualities", in the information processing in medication have actually confirmed that these attributes for each finger is various, In addition, these attributes are unique and irreversible, to make sure that we can match an individual to his fingerprints and also verify his real identity by contrasting his finger print attributes with pre-stored finger print characteristics. As a result, the above attributes of fingerprint end up being one of the most important proof for identification and also are widely utilized in the field of criminal examination as well as justice.


The benefits of color screen access




The biggest advantage of fingerprint lock is high safety.


(1) The resolution of the fingerprint head used, such as 500DPI.

The accuracy of existing optical fingerprint sensors is generally 300,000 pixels, and some enterprises adopt 100,000 pixels.


(2) In the form of percentage: for example, some parameters are written.

Of course, these are the parameters publicized by various enterprises. Whether it is 500 DPI or the rejection rate < 0.1%, it is just a concept for ordinary users, and there is no way to detect it.


(3) To a certain extent, it is correct to say that "the rate of rejection of truth and the rate of recognition of falsehood" change with each other. This concept seems to be a "hypothesis test" in mathematics: at the same level, the rate of rejection of truth is high, the rate of recognition of falsehood is low, and vice versa. This is an inverse relationship. But why is it correct to a certain extent, because if the process and technical level are improved, these two indicators can be lowered, so it is necessary to improve the technical level in essence. In order to speed up the certification, some manufacturers make false images with high speed and strong recognition ability at the expense of safety by lowering the safety level. This occurs more often in sample locks or demonstration locks.




Theoretically one more feature means one more program, which makes the product more likely to break. However, this is a comparison between manufacturers with the same technical strength. If they have high technical strength, their products can achieve more functions and better quality than those with poor technical strength.


Guard against theft


According to the anti-theft efficiency, prominent fingerprint locks are separated into normal fingerprint locks and also anti-theft finger print locks. Ordinary fingerprint lock, and also the original electronic lock distinction is not much, primarily change to fingerprint verification, but not made use of for the existing domestic anti-theft door, this sort of finger print lock does not take heaven and earth pole hook items, can not utilize heaven and also planet protection system of anti-theft door (some imported finger print lock on the market does not satisfy the nationwide market standards, can only be made use of for wooden doors).


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