Will High Temperature Affect Smart Lock Unlocking?

February 26,2022

Security is the primary condition of smart locks, but if the smart lock is locked and cannot be unlocked, people cannot enter or exit. This is very bad and disturbing.


Tons of people who buy smart locks have a question, that is, will the electronic part of the smart lock fail to unlock in a high-temperature environment?


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In China, relevant industry standards (GA 374-2019 Electronic anti-theft lock) stipulate that it is normal for the electronics of smart locks with a temperature between 68°C to 72°C to supply you.


Regarding safety issues, Xingyi Intelligent Technology has a strict quality management system and follows the national and national industry standards for production. We have done many system tests and reliable tests before the products are put on the market.


A good smart lock can be opened by the mechanical part even if the electronic part is damaged. There are 7 ways to unlock the Xingyi smart lock. When the electronic function of the smart lock fails due to the extreme environment, it can be opened through the mechanical key, without worrying about the problem of being locked. They are very safe, convenient and reliable.