wholesale lock distributors,china digital lock,door and lock company,door lock manufacturers in china
wholesale lock distributors,china digital lock,door and lock company,door lock manufacturers in china
wholesale lock distributors,china digital lock,door and lock company,door lock manufacturers in china


Dongguan Xingyi Intelligent Co., Ltd. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in the Design, R&D, Production, Sales and Service of high-end smart door locks. It is committed to providing users with high-end and high-quality smart door lock products, systematic solutions and after-sales service, our products include 3D facial recognition door locks, live fingerprint door locks, ultra-thin smart fingerprint locks, high-end hotel door locks, etc. With patented design and CE, FCC, SGS certification and European fire test certification, Our products are popular all over the world. With the vision of serving every family in the world, we insist on making people's lives better with the advancement of science and technology, and bring high-quality life experience to thousands of families with safe, convenient and intelligent products, and let the light of technology warm everyone the heart of man.

Dongguan Xingyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. It has a modern intelligent production base, equipped with advanced automatic imported medium-high-speed, high-precision SMT surface mounters and corresponding reflow soldering machines and other supporting equipment, and has a complete modern automated dust-free workshop and Million-level professional testing laboratory. In more than ten years, it took the lead in carrying the banner of intelligence in the door lock industry, introduced a full set of international advanced equipment, technology and management system, and created a rigorous and efficient modern manufacturing system, becoming a domestic door lock industry with advanced technology and strong technical force. The leading brand of smart door locks.

Our smart door lock team has more than ten years of experience in door lock design and installation. Our production team is not only at the forefront of the industry in technology, we pay more attention to expressing customers' products clearly and accurately, and can easily understand customers' ideas , so we can better express the intention of the customer. We continue to innovate and improve the design appearance and production level of smart door locks, and use cutting-edge product production machines to continuously meet customer needs for smart door lock experience services. The goal is to make the smart door lock the first brand in the domestic industry.


Year Established
April 25,2018
Total Employees
Registered Capital
Business Type
Annual Output Value
1000 Million
Total Export Revenue
1000 Million
Export Percentage
Main Markets
India, South Africa, Southeast Asia
Average Lead Time
Export License No.
Supported currency
Payment Type
Main Products
Smart lock, attendance machine, access control
Dongguan Xingyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Room 201, Building 1, No.23 Jinqu Road, Wanjiang Street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
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