What You Should Pay Attention to When Purchasing Smart Lock?

January 21,2022

Smart door lock has brought a lot of convenience to people's life. Then, how to judge whether a smart door lock is reliable? In my experience, we can judge the smart door lock in the following four points.






The security of intelligent door lock is mainly reflected in three aspects.


First, it is the security of lock cylinder. The lock cylinder of the door lock is divided into class A, class B, super class B and class C. Among them, class C is safer. 


Secondly, it’s security capability. So you need to check whether the product has the ability of prying lock alarm, false password, anti trailing, anti cat eye and anti small black box. 


At last, it’s unlock technology. Generally, it depends on whether fingerprint identification technology is reliable. The first generation of fingerprint recognition technology is optical finger recognition, and the second generation is semiconductor living fingerprint recognition. The former is easy to be unlocked by duplicate fingerprint and has low security. For the second generation, the false fingerprint can not open the lock, and the recognition accuracy is much higher.




The convenience of intelligent door lock is well understood, that is, there are various ways to unlock. In addition to fingerprint identification unlocking, there are also password unlocking, card unlocking, APP unlocking, card unlocking and other methods, which are mostly considered by users. Of course, you can't abandon the key. In case the smart door lock runs out of power and you don't bring a charging treasure, then, the key is a treasure.


Humanized function


Humanized function is the control of intelligent door lock enterprises over product details, such as whether it has mute function, whether intelligent voice and operation are simple, etc. Most smart door locks have voice broadcasting function. When users operate a step, they will broadcast this function. At the beginning, they feel that it is very practical, but after learning it, they want to make it quiet, and the mute function can just close the door lock operation prompt tone at one time.


Most of the intelligent voice functions are for the convenience of users. There are voice navigation and dual language system, which can switch between Chinese and English, or set one key mute according to users' needs. If the operation is simple, it is convenient for users to quickly control the intelligent door lock.


After-sale service


After sales service is a commonplace topic, but we must pay attention to it. A good smart lock should not only do well in the above three points, but also ensure the supporting services. As an electronic product, the intelligent door lock will inevitably have problems and faults, which will seriously interfere with users' life. Therefore, the more professional the enterprise's after-sales service is, the better.


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