The Future of Bluetooth Door Locks

January 08,2022

In the field of smart locks, Bluetooth door locks are a very important part. At present, Bluetooth technology is widely used in mobile phones, automotive fields, and sports. So, how does the Bluetooth door lock perform in the lock market? After reading this blog you will get the answers you want.


The Technical Advantages of Bluetooth Door Locks

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As an excellent IoT connection technology, Bluetooth has its unique advantages, and it can be said to be the best partner when combined with door locks.


First of all, Bluetooth is highly recognized. Although Bluetooth is a standard, it is very worthwhile to encourage innovation. Today, Bluetooth door lock technology has been highly recognized by the market and consumers.


Second, the Bluetooth SIG also added mesh networking capabilities to Bluetooth, which means you can integrate smart home hardware products through Bluetooth. The temperature, lighting, and door opening of your home can all be controlled via Bluetooth.


Market Prospect and Future of Bluetooth Door Locks


To understand the market prospects of Bluetooth door locks, you also need to understand the development trend of Bluetooth technology.


A major innovation and breakthrough of smart locks on the market is the combination of Bluetooth technology to break the fixed mode of traditional door locks and keys.


According to research on the access control market, more than 70% of users believe that in the next 3 to 5 years, they hope to replace the current traditional door locks with mobile phones and other methods. This survey further proves that Bluetooth door locks have obvious advantages and have a broad market in the future.


Finally, while the future of Bluetooth door locks is bright, only manufacturers with core technology and quality products can survive.


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