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November 02,2021

The application scenarios of face scanner door access control include but are not limited to office buildings, home communities, and hotels. For example, many communities can brush their faces to get in and out. It can be seen that face scanner door access control has become more and more common in scene applications, and the technology is indeed becoming more and more mature.


face scanner door access


Advantages of face scanner door access control system


⭕Non contact recognition: face scanner does not need to be like fingerprint recognition and iris recognition. The identified person needs to take the initiative to detect. Just stand within the detection range of the machine, which is convenient and fast.


⭕Non mandatory: users do not need to cooperate with face acquisition equipment, and can obtain face images almost unconsciously. Such sampling method is not "mandatory".


⭕Strong anti-counterfeiting ability: face, as a unique physiological feature, combined with more and more perfect in vivo detection technology, can well deal with many counterfeiting attacks.


⭕Concurrency: in the actual application scenario, multiple faces can be sorted, judged and recognized, which is in line with the visual characteristics of "recognizing people by appearance", with simple operation, intuitive results and good concealment.


⭕Excellent security: the most feared thing about the door card is to lose it, which means to be used falsely. At the same time, the door card is easy to be copied, both of which have potential security risks. Face scanner door access control is only opened for you. People without permission cannot enter. Most face scanner door access control use sophisticated infrared living technology. Many people don't have to worry about the fraudulent use of photos and videos.


Significance of face scanner door access control system (for community)


  • The completion of face scanner door access control system has changed the household registration mode of traditional community and realized "zero omission" of information collection;


  • Care for the elderly living alone, the disabled and other groups, and adopt the method of starting early warning without opening the door for one day, telephone return visit without opening the door for two days, and home visit without opening the door for three days;


  • Through the face scanner door access control system, the burden of neighborhood committee staff and police is reduced, so that they can invest more in serving the masses, and realize the "zero increase" of staff burden.


For different application scenarios, face scanner door access control also have the following black technologies


Intelligent office


There are 43 million enterprises in China, and most of them use traditional card swiping access control, which is only a single card swiping function. There are not only the disadvantages that the door card is easy to copy and use, but also do not have the attribute of Internet of things, which can not meet the needs of enterprise intelligent office. If face scanner door access control is just a port, it is difficult to say that it is intelligent hardware. Once it is matched with the "cloud" attribute, it will be even more powerful. Having said this, we can implement it. For example, there are two points: first, we can seamlessly connect attendance, which means that we can punch in while brushing the face and opening the door. Second, all attendance flow records are generated with one click to liberate the workload of personnel statisticians.




Face scanner door access control can be connected to the public security network, so as to carry out blacklist early warning, which can effectively prevent criminals in the public security record, and connect to the public security system at the first time to achieve effective attack.


Secondly, in terms of user experience, face scanner door access control is several positions ahead of traditional card access control, which not only brings high-tech freshness, but also more interactive and humanized in details.


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