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November 01,2021

Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology and informatization, traditional mechanical locks have become less and less able to meet people's needs. What follows is electronic locks, smart locks, fingerprint locks, and password locks. With so many locks, there are still a lot of people who don't know where to choose. Today, this blog mainly introduces the benefits of digital smart door locks.


Digital Smart Door Locks


What is a digital smart door lock?


Conceptually, the smart digital lock electronically recognizes and processes human biometric information, electronic information, network communication information, etc., and controls the mechanical actuator to open and close the door lock. Generally speaking, smart door locks are a new category of locks that combine electronic information technology and mechanical technology. They are upgraded and improved on the basis of traditional mechanical locks, and are more intelligent and convenient locks in terms of user identification and management security. .


What unlocking methods are available for current smart locks?


Currently, smart locks on the market generally have the following unlocking methods:


  • Biometric identification unlocking: fingerprint, face recognition, finger vein, palm vein, iris;


  • Bluetooth: mobile phone Bluetooth unlock, Bluetooth button unlock;


  • Traditional way: Unlock by spare mechanical key;


  • Other methods: password unlock, NFC card unlock, WeChat unlock, remote unlock, temporary password unlock;


Advantages of digital smart door locks


The operation is simple and easy to understand


The home smart door lock has an automatic electronic induction locking system. When the door is automatically detected to be closed, the system will automatically lock, and the user can open the door lock through fingerprints, touch screens, cards, etc. Moreover, under normal circumstances, the smart lock also has a voice prompt function, which can make the operation easier for users to understand.


Protect privacy and safety


The home smart door lock has a virtual password function technology to protect privacy. The virtual password function means that you can enter any number before or after the registered password. In this way, the registration password can be effectively prevented from leaking, and the door lock can be opened at the same time, thereby bringing a safer use environment to the family.


Realize remote door opening


The home smart door lock has a built-in embedded processor and smart monitoring equipment, and the owner of the household can remotely control the smart lock to open the door for visiting guests. Let the user decide who to let in and open the door remotely. It is not uncommon to see such scenarios: relatives and friends are visiting, but we are not at home. Our usual choice is to let them wait near home, or leave the key to the neighbor. And with the smart door lock, we can open the door directly to them remotely.


Independent information management


The home smart door lock manages all user information, and user information can be added/modified/deleted freely. This function is very useful for users to manage user rights, users can freely authorize, allow or prevent certain people from entering. For example, when a babysitter or tenant moves out, their fingerprints can be deleted immediately, so that they cannot open the door without the right to use it. Conversely, if there are new babysitters and tenants, they can enter their fingerprints at any time so that they can open the door freely.


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