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November 02,2021

Biometric modern technology describes a sort of technique to acknowledge the identification of an individual via the computer system as well as optics, acoustics, biosensors as well as biometric principles of state-of-the-art means very closely combined, together with the fundamental physiological attributes of the body (such as fingerprint, face picture, iris, etc) and behavior attributes (such as handwriting, voice, stride, and so on).


The working principle of biometric finger print machine


Biometric Finger Print Machine


Fingerprints are ridges on the skin at the end of the finger. Although fingerprints are only a small part of human skin, they contain a great deal of information. Fingerprint features can be divided into two categories: general features and local features.


General features refer to those features that can be observed directly by human eyes, including basic patterns, pattern areas, core points, triangular points, pattern lines and lines, etc. Basic grain pattern has ring, bow, spiral.


Local features are the features of nodes on the fingerprint, and these nodes with certain features are called feature points. Two fingerprints often have the same general features, but their local features, called feature points, are never exactly the same. The characteristic points on the fingerprint, namely the endpoints, bifurcation points and turning points on the fingerprint pattern.


Fingerprint recognition technology usually uses the overall characteristics of the fingerprint such as the pattern, triangular points and so on to classify, and then uses the local characteristics such as location and direction to identify users.


Usually, the "minutiae" (feature points) are firstly found from the obtained fingerprint image, and then the digital representation of the live fingerprint of the user is established according to the characteristics of the feature points -- fingerprint feature data (a one-way conversion, which can be converted from fingerprint image to feature data but not from feature data to fingerprint image).


Due to two different fingerprint data will not produce the same characteristics, so by the characteristic of fingerprint image data were collected and stored in the database schema matching of fingerprint features and calculate their similarity degree, end up with two fingerprint matching results, according to the matching results to identify the user's identity. Because each person's fingerprint is different, even between the ten fingers of the same person, the fingerprint also has obvious difference, so fingerprint can be used for identification.


The benefits of biometric finger print machine


High safety performance. Ordinary mechanical lock keys can be copied to unlock, easy to crack or technical unlock, fingerprint characteristics with unique characteristics of biological characteristics, with high security level identification requirements.


Easy to use. The original purpose of smart lock is convenience, can avoid the trouble of carrying the key, fingerprint unlock effectively solve the pain point of forgetting the key, very convenient.


Strong scalability. Fingerprint password lock can set multiple sets of fingerprint information, convenient management of home users in and out, large capacity storage fingerprint password lock can also more efficient management of tenants, without frequent key and lock change, fingerprint can be added or deleted.


With password unlock function. Multiple passwords can be set, fingerprint and password combination unlocking method is more secure, can prevent emergencies, such as visitors, can set temporary password and other functions.


High recognition rate. The rejection rate is less than 1%, optical fingerprint password lock and semiconductor fingerprint password lock recognition rate is less than one million, 360° any Angle can be correctly compared with the fingerprint, can achieve high precision identification.


Stylish appearance. Traditional mechanical lock modeling stiff agent, fingerprint password lock is high-end atmosphere, the appearance of more noble, generous, elegant, fashion, is a better choice for young families.


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