Safety Protection

Safety Protection


Safety protection lock is an essential aspect of our daily lives. Safety protection lock is the process of taking measures to prevent harm or injury to people, property, and the environment. Safety protection lock can be achieved through various means, including the use of safety equipment, following safety procedures, and implementing safety policies.

Professional Biometric Face Recognition Attendance Machine

The Professional biometric face recognition attendance machine is totally unaffected by lighting conditions, whether it’s pitch black or super bright, the camera can capture your face with ease. The best part is that it comes with dual cameras for even more precise and speedy recognition. Once your face is recognized, it’ll give you a verbal confirmation to ensure that you’re authorized to clock in.

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Biometric Fingerprint Home Gate Lever Waterproof Smart Door Lock

The Biometric Fingerprint Lock is waterproof, making it perfect for hotels or gates where fast recognition is key. And it’s specially designed to be anti-kids and anti-pets, so you don’t have to worry about them accidentally unlocking the door in personal spaces. Plus, with its elegant and stylish appearance, it’s a seriously impressive addition to any space.

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Battery Powered Face And Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

The battery powered face and fingerprint time attendance machine is built with advanced technology and equipment, making it a reliable and efficient option for your business. Plus, it supports multiple languages, so you can choose the language that works best for you. The face recognition distance is from 0.5m to 2m, which is widely accepted and ensures accurate attendance tracking.

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Eseye Face ID Time Clock With WiFi Communication And Free Cloud Based SDK

The Eseye Face ID Time Clock uses facial recognition technology to accurately and efficiently record employee attendance. With its high-resolution camera, it can capture clear images of employees’ faces from all angles, even in challenging lighting conditions. This means you can trust that your attendance data is always accurate and reliable. It’s like having a personal attendance assistant that never makes mistakes!

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RFID Card Code Smart Sliding Fingerprint Glass Door Lock

The Glass Door Lock is seriously durable - it’s crafted from a high-quality zinc alloy that’s resistant to wear and corrosion. And with its 1.77-inch LCD screen display, you can easily see what you’re doing, even in low light conditions. And for added convenience, the lock comes with 10m remote controllers, so you can easily open the door without having to fumble with keys or codes.

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2023 New Smart For Aluminum Sliding Door Lock

The 2023 New Smart For Aluminum Sliding Door Lock is made of durable aluminum that can withstand rust and corrosion, thanks to its strong IP65 waterproof rating. With proper care, it can last for many years. The handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable use, and it won’t leave your hands covered in dust.

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Face Detection Time Attendance Door Access Control System

The web software attendance machine streamlines attendance management and building security. It’s typically installed at the entrance of a building, allowing employees to clock in and out by simply scanning their faces. The system records this information, along with the exact time of entry and exit, and sends it to a centralized database via the internet. This all-in-one solution is perfect for businesses looking to simplify their attendance tracking and enhance their building security.

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Face Recorder Biometric Time Attendance Machine

The Biometric Time Attendance Machine supports both face and fingerprint recognition, so you can choose your preferred method for attendance tracking. Despite its small size, it’s equipped with double cameras to ensure clear face identification. Plus, it can store up to 1000 fingerprints, faces, passwords, and cards separately, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

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WiFi BLE Smart Digital Fingerprint Keyboard Smart Cylinder Lock

The WiFi BLE Smart Digital Fingerprint Keyboard Smart Cylinder Lock is top-notch! It’s made with high-quality materials, has a smart system, and is designed with you in mind. You can control the lock with our app, making it super easy to lock and unlock your door. This lock is perfect for keeping your home, office, or hotel room secure. It’s also a breeze to install and fits doors that are 60-110mm thick.

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Eseye WiFi Remote Control Tuya Biometric Fingerprint Digital Smart Glass Door Lock

Looking for a versatile smart lock that can fit a variety of doors? Check out the Eseye WiFi Remote Control Tuya Biometric Fingerprint Digital Smart Glass Door Lock! It’s perfect for framed aluminum doors, glass doors, sliding doors, and even wooden doors with a thickness of 8-12mm. Plus, the digital touch keypad panel with a backlight makes it easy to use at night.

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Rfid Card Access Control 3D Face Recognition Smart Glass Door Lock

The Rfid Card Access Control 3D Face Recognition Smart Glass Door Lock is seriously impressive! It can recognize your fingerprint in just half a second, and the touchscreen number lock is super smart and easy to use. And if your hands are full, no problem - just use the RFID card to unlock the door with lightning-fast efficiency and accuracy. Plus, it can store up to 100 fingerprints, so you can grant access to all your trusted friends and family.

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