Why Should You Choose Tuya Smart Locks?

December 07,2021

Have you ever encountered that when just shutting down the door, you suddenly found that you forgot the key? Or when going back home, you found that your house has been broken into. How embarrassing and sad! To tackle this problem, you should consider installing fingerprint trigger locks.


In recent years, fingerprint trigger locks have become popular and necessary in modern lives. Compared with traditional locks, it has advantages of convenience and safety. Besides that, how much do you know about it? And when buying, how to choose it?


fingerprint trigger locks


Why choose fingerprint trigger locks?


It is medically proven that each person’s fingerprint lines are distinct in patterns, breakpoints, and intersections, and are unique and permanent. Fingerprint recognition technology collects fingerprint feature imaging through optical, semiconductor electronic signals, ultrasound, temperature difference, and other methods. After digital processing and analysis, it is finally extracted into acceptable fingerprint digital feature information, which can be used as a reference model or directly used for comparison. After years of development and market verification, fingerprint recognition technology is currently the most mature and widely used biometric technology. You can use it with confidence.


Advantages of fingerprint trigger locks


  • Strong practicability: fingerprint collection and use are more convenient. The fingerprint head is small, the collection cost is low, and it can be applied to a variety of devices.
  • Good stability: The fingerprint recognition technology is relatively mature, after long-term market inspection, and the fingerprint itself is unique and permanent, so the fingerprint recognition is relatively stable and reliable.
  • Good convenience: scanning fingerprints is fast and very convenient to use.
  • Fingerprint recognition products are more cost-effective: the fingerprint collection head is more miniaturized, and the price is low. Fingerprint recognition is currently the most widely used technology on the market.


When choosing smart locks, the word “Tuya smart lock” you must always notice it. Have you doubted that what is it? Keep reading, this article has an answer to your questions.


What is Tuya smart lock?


Tuya smart lock


Tuya is a globalized intelligent platform, namely the "AlI+loT" developer platform, and is also the world's top voice AI interactive platform, connecting consumers, manufacturing brands, OEM manufacturers, and retail chains to the intelligent needs, providing the customer with one-stop solutions for the Internet of Things with integrated artificial intelligence. And Tuya covers hardware access, cloud services, and APP software development, forming a closed-loop of artificial intelligence + manufacturing services, providing B-end technology and business model upgrade services for consumer IoT smart devices, to satisfy consumers for hardware products. Higher demands.


Tuya Smart provides exclusive smart connectivity solutions for home products, giving it the unique "PoweredbyTuya" attribute of Tuya Smart. Cooperative companies only need to concentrate on making their characteristic home products, and Tuya Smart can give their products an intelligent connection to the Internet of Things. Simply put, home users only need a Tuya Smart APP to control smart homes including lighting, home appliances, security, etc., and even the linkage between different brands of home appliances can be done with the key, which further enhances the user's intelligent experience.


What are the functions of Tuya smart locks?


Tuya smart lock supports almost all the functions of common smart locks on the market, including recording of various unlocking methods, remote door opening, battery power, door opening status display, dynamic password, temporary password, member management, etc. In addition, Tuya Smart Lock has functions such as remote message push, reminders when family members arrive home, remote status check, remote temporary password sending, and remote anti-pry alarm.


In short, Tuya smart lock has the characteristics of high security, more intelligence, more humane, beautiful and fashionable, and flexible and diverse unlocking methods, which are deeply loved by consumers.


How about Tuya smart lock?


Tuya smart lock has the characteristics of high security, more intelligence, more humane, beautiful and fashionable, and flexible and diverse unlocking methods, which are deeply loved by consumers.


When choosing Tuya smart locks, fingerprint trigger lock is an ideal and better choice, which can improve our efficiency and make our lives more intelligent. If you have more questions about smart locks, welcome to contact us for a free quote.