What Are the Different Types of Smart Locks?

December 07,2021

With the continuous development of smart locks, our lives are becoming more and more convenient. The emergence of smart locks tremendously saves our time and improves our efficiency. Nowadays, do you know how many ways of picking a lock? Keep reading!


What are the types of smart locks?


?Password unlock


Password smart lock


Smart locks mainly use password identification methods to unlock. To facilitate entry and exit, home users also use password-type door locks. Compared with traditional key door locks, password door locks are simpler in the application and do not have to carry the key all day, and the security is also improved. But be aware that you need to wipe your fingerprints on the screen every day to prevent someone from coming in without your permission.


?Bluetooth unlock


Bluetooth smart lcok


The smart lock can use Bluetooth communication to open the door and use a mobile phone to unlock it. If your phone’s Bluetooth is normally on, then you don’t need to take out your phone. The lock will automatically unlock when it senses that the phone is approaching. At this time, you only need to press the lock.

?Phone unlock


phone smart lock


At present, many smart locks can remotely switch the door lock or share the secret key through a mobile phone. For example, in hotels, the powerful functions and platform of WeChat can also realize two-way communication between guests and hotels, which is an important means for hotels to cultivate members.


?Fingerprint unlocking


Fingerprint smart lock


The smart lock can be unlocked by fingerprint unlocking. You can put the authorized fingerprint on the window, and the successful unlocking sound will be issued to indicate that the unlocking is successful. The program will sample and record your finger data; when the screen saver is turned on, you only need to place your finger in the scanning area and wait for a short scan comparison. After the anastomosis, you can easily untie your finger and then use your finger scan again.


?Swipe to unlock

Swipe to unlock


Smart locks used in hotels and office spaces generally use the most card-swiping unlocking method. For example, when customers check-in, they will first give a room card to enter and leave the hotel through the room card; the same is true for enterprises and institutions. On the first day of employment, a new employee will also be given an employee card. This card is not only proof of the employee’s identity, but also a valid credential for entering and exiting the unit. 


?Biometric door lock


biometric door lock


At present, with the continuous development and maturity of life recognition technology, the application of biometric door locks and other door locks has also developed rapidly. Commonly used are fingerprint recognition and face recognition. This type of door lock is still common in enterprises and institutions. Since card-swiping door locks are prone to cheating on attendance, it is easier to accurately count the attendance of employees based on the uniqueness of fingerprints and faces. Moreover, as the security needs of home users increase, this type of biometric door lock is gradually being applied to home users.


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